We believe  that education has a powerful tool in today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world. 

UniCCeditore is a training institution accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. Over the past 10 years it has launch more than 3.000 courses and train over 400,000 people.

We work particularly in the field o training and consultancy for top managers and take advance from the collaboration with national and international Scientific Research Institutes for creating a world where everyone has access to high knowledge and learning. 

Between our partners we have live and Universities (like UNITRE and UNICAMPUS), International Management Organizations (like IEMO), national and international Institutes of researches (for instance CEDIS ROMA, CEFIS, CRIFU, CISRI, SUP-MANAGENT…)

We affirm that everyone can gain, through education, on a place of honor.

The mission of UniCCEditore is providing quality education through affordable national and international training services. 

We provide high quality of education thanks our teachers, our tutors and our staff.

Our courses for managers

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If you need further information such as full course programs please contact us